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Where I buy my Crepe Paper Rolls - updated Jan 2019

crepe paper rolls singapore

Wow guys, the last time I updated about crepe was in 2017, and that's only because I there hasn't been anything new to share... UNTIL NOW! I am so excited to share that we have a new LOCAL SOURCE for crepe paper! And I'll do my best to explain more in the following post, enjoy!


A) Crepe Quality and Country of Origin

There are so many types of crepe and each one has is pros and cons. Here's a useful overview of their differences:

- ITALIAN/ FLORIST CREPE = usually refers to THICK crepe, comes in large rolls and in different weights (160gsm, 180gsm, etc). Has incredible stretch, often 200% and above

- GERMAN/ DOUBLETTE CREPE = usually refers to crepe that has different colours on each side, comes in flat packets with a single folded sheet of crepe. Less stretch but very smooth and fine surface

Want more info? Pop over to Castle In The Air's website for the lowdown

B) What to look out for when buying crepe

If you're still unsure of what paper you'd like to use, I recommend considering 3 things:

1. Size of Paper

- How big is your project? If you need to make 30 roses of the same colour, then Cartotecnica Rossi's large crepe rolls would be the most cost-effective. If you want 1 bouquet with different colours, then Lia Griffith's crepe pack of 10 would be perfect.

2. Weightage of Paper

- Do you like paper with more stretch? E.g. Peony petals would need more stretch to achieve that fluffy voluminous effect. Or do you prefer a fine smooth look to your petals? Then fine doublette crepe would lend more realism to your finished bloom.

3. Colour options

- So far, Cartotecnica Rossi has the largest range of colours, plus they launch new colours twice a year. However, Lia Griffith's colours are also very beautiful, and you can always mix and match her fine crepe with her thick crepe.

Here's a breakdown of the Cartotecnica Rossi crepe roll and what all the numbers mean:

For CR, their weightages range from 40gsm to 180gsm, but most artists I know usually work primarily with 60gsm and 180gsm. I myself buy only 180gsm as I'm accustomed to its thickness and how to manipulate it.

Colour codes are 3 digit numbers that don't necessarily go in chromatic order, so remember to check the colour charts carefully. 180gsm crepe rolls are codes in 500s and 600s while 140gsm is coded in the 900s. Thing is, I've realized that its impossible to get an accurate reflection of the crepe colours on your computer screen, so don't be too disappointed if the colours don't match. I often visit CR's website to compare the colours (click this link).

Alright, so where can I buy these rolls from?

A. Cartotecnica Rossi's online shop- 1.30 Euros per roll

I'm pretty much a CR loyalist just because I'm so used to it, but the downside is they don't ship out small orders, here's a summary:


1) Cheapest Price at 1.30Euros per roll (approx SGD2.10) - since there's no markup from secondary sellers

2) Super fast delivery from DHL, tracking included and all. I received my rolls within the week! Plus I had text updates throughout the shipment and the choice of scheduling my delivery time via DHL's website.

3) They have ALL the colours, including the newly-launched colours, which I sometimes can't find on Etsy or other sites.


1) There is, unfortunately, a minimum order of 40Euros, which equals about 30 rolls. If you're not planning to buy such a large amount, CR won't be an option for you sadly.

2) The splendid shipping service also comes at a price, in my last order, the shipping cost was a whooping 86Euros, but considering that I was buying 42 rolls and I've had multiple bad experiences with lost packages in the past, this was a price I was willing to pay to get my papers here on time.

B. Spotlight - Lia Griffith Crepe - S$15 and up

NEW IN!! Just introduced to Spotlight end of last year, we now have good quality crepe that we can purchase in a store! HOORAY!!

(If you don't know who Lia Griffith is, she's a giant in the paper florist community, and she teamed up with a German paper manufacturer to produce her OWN LINE OF CREPE, talk about goals.)

I'm so happy that Spotlight is importing these in, they're a little pricier than Cartotecnica Rossi but I can assure you that they're of excellent quality. Plus, Lia makes both Heavy and Fine crepe, so you can experiment with both to see what really suits your style!


1) Lia's heavy crepe comes in a very beginner-friendly pack with 10 different shades - perfect for newcomers

2) You can get them right here in Singapore! While stocks last of course *wink*

3) Quality is excellent, arguably might be even better than CR!


1) Slightly more expensive, but hey, beggars can't be choosers, and we could always wait for Spotlight to have discounts!

2) You can't purchase colours individually

C. - SGD3+ per roll

If you still prefer big rolls of crepe, but in smaller quantities, I recommend looking for sellers on Etsy, just search "Italian crepe paper rolls". Most of these sellers are based in Poland and sell rolls from SGD$3.00 and up.

Be warned, the cost to ship per roll will most likely be more than the paper roll itself! However, overall, its still cheaper to buy from Etsy than buying US$7.00 rolls from Carte Fini (see D).

Remember to look out for the CR stickers, the colour codes, and weightages! Some rolls are more expensive than others because they're metallic colours, paper with gradients, etc. Not all sellers have the full range of colours, so it won't hurt to compare sellers and their prices.


1) You can buy smaller quantities!

2) Prices are reasonable


1) Shipping takes some time (depending on the seller, 3 weeks to sometimes even months). Do check the seller reviews to make sure they're efficient shippers!

2) Not all the colours are available (especially the new colours)

D. Carte Fini - US$7 per roll

Carte Fini is based in the US and they price their crepe paper rolls at US$7.00. I have not purchased from them but if you're based in the US and want to purchase just a few rolls, they'll be a reliable option.

THANKS FOR READING! I know this might not be the most comprehensive post about crepe papers, but I hope it helps anyways. Do note this is not a sponsored post (I could only wish I get sponsored one day ahaha). Happy crafting my fellow paper florists!

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