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Where to get Italian Crepe Paper in Singapore (and all your other tools)

The day has FINALLY arrived! We can now get great quality Italian Crepe Paper in Singapore!!!

Can you tell how excited I am? Aha. It's been more than 5 years of me shipping in rolls from Italy and now I can finally just pop into Art Friend to top up my stock! It's such good news for the community too, I only hope this will get more people into crepe paper blooms/ :)

Fabriano Rolls in Art Friend

Art Friend now stocks Italian Crepe Paper rolls from the brand 'Fabriano' and while they do not have as many colours as my usual brand 'Cartotecnica Rossi', I do think the quality is comparable and they have a great set of basic colours for any one who's starting out on flower-making!

Their 180g rolls are $4.90 each ($4.41 if you have membership). The paper has 260% stretch which feels the same as Cartotecnica Rossi's stretch. I have tested the papers and I can find no fault in them. I also appreciate that they include the colour codes plus colour names on the label too.

(Art Friend also sells a lighter weightage, you can tell by how thick or thin the rolls are, but since I only work with 180g, I didn't spend too much time at the other section!).

These pictures were taken at Clementi's Art Friend (the most spacious outlet in my opinion!) and you can find these rolls on Aisle 38. My paper florist friends have shared that there's also stock at Bras Basah and Plaza Sing, but the stock levels seems higher at Clementi!

If you're a beginner, I recommend starting off with the basic colours: White, Yellow, Dark Green, Pinks/Reds (and Blues/ Purples if you'll like to do hydrangeas/ butterflies). Browns also come in handy if you're making sunflowers.

Other tools/ materials you might need:

If you're already at Art Friend, here's some other tools and materials I would recommend purchasing so that you're ready to make flowers!

  1. Foam balls (great for flower centers and bugs)

  2. Hot Glue Gun

  3. Glue Sticks (the longer sticks are cheaper, just make sure the diameter is right for your glue gun)

  4. Floral Fires (be aware of the number printed on the wrapping, #16 wires are the thickest. I usually get #18 for stalks, and use the thinner #20 or #22 or #24 for leaves)

  5. White craft glue

I hope this was helpful and I'm always a message away if you need any tips/ advice for crepe paper flowers! Have a beautiful day!

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