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Thank you for coming to my book launch event - 12th June 2022

What a ride it's been! I'm so glad I could host a little get-together to celebrate the book and to thank all my supporters who made this dream come true.

I would like to thank The National Gallery for hosting me, and for their lovely and warm team.

Jiali, for helping me out and being such a great hostess.

JingYi, for her amazing photography skills (you can check out her page here:

Alex, who loaned me back the giant Sunnies so that I could use them for decor.

My dad, who generously drove me to the venue and helped me with all my bags.

And every single guest who came!


Here are some highlights, and you can click the link HERE for ALL PHOTOS.

Also, as promised, here is the presentation with all the videos!!

As always, I'm here if you have any questions, and keep blooming! :)

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