What materials do you use?


My main materials include crepe paper, floral wire, floral tape, and my weapon of choice is a hot glue gun. I prefer 180gsm Italian crepe paper (I import them from Europe) as they do not tear easily and their colours are more lasting. Some blooms also require hand-painted petals.



What kind of blooms and products do you make?


MP&B's portfolio of blooms is constantly growing - I hope to never stop experimenting and learning, so do let me know if you're interested in new or exotic blooms and I'll try my best to make them.

I believe in flowers and products that last and hence I try to create products that serve a more permanent function or can be reused /repurposed after events. This means more value for your money and also less wastage. Thus, do forgive me if I turn down projects that might potentially undervalue these paper blooms.

How should I care for the paper flowers and how long do they last?


The great thing about paper blooms is that they can last for years even with minimum care! However, to ensure their colours and shape last, please keep them away from direct sunlight and moisture. Do note that it is natural for some crepe paper colours to fade over time - some colours like dark blue and green fade more quickly than others.



Do you offer customisations or bulk orders?


Yes, simple customisations for colours and blooms are definitely doable and I would be happy to discuss ideas and concepts with you. However, bulk orders are tricky as I am a one-girl team. These blooms are also very time-consuming and MP&B reserves the right to turn down orders beyond my capabilities.


Why are your paper blooms more expensive than real flowers?


Please consider that each paper bloom is made from scratch - every petal is cut, shaped, glued on one by one. You're not just paying for the material cost and the time that went into each flower, but also for the hours of behind-the-scenes work which includes researching, sourcing for the best materials, and experimenting. Not only will you enjoy long-lasting and unique flowers, you're also supporting the local craft scene and the handmade movement. :)


How long is production time?


Depending on the amount of orders received in that month, production time may vary from 2 weeks to 2 months. I usually ask for 3-4 months lead time for any Bridal Order to allow for edits. Do feel free to contact me for a more specific timeline.



How are the items delivered?


I strongly advise self collection, just drop me a message and I'll be happy to meet at a mutually convenient location. MP&B reserves the right to charge for delivery to homes.



What services do you offer?


Besides customisations, I hold workshops too! Many of these blooms are of my own design and I'll be happy to provide templates and teach anyone who is interested. Feel free to message me for further discussions. 



Are you a wedding stylist?


Unfortunately I am a one-person team and I am unable to offer wedding styling services (which usually includes offering a creative vision, decor sourcing, coordinating day-of installations and tear-downs, etc.). I focus on making pretty paper items that complement your vision, and items that will last even after the wedding.

I will ensure my products are easy to install, and this allows you and your bridal party to play a bigger part in styling your magical day, which is really (in my opinion) the most fun part of a wedding! With that said, I am always happy to offer aesthetic advice or lend an extra hand. MP&B reserves the right to charge for delivery or installation services.

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