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A new collection of exquisite bees and mushrooms, displayed safely within cloches / domes. Each meticulously handcrafted and full of whimsy.

To order, please drop Eileen an email at


Large Bumblebee Dome


Mini Mushroom Dome


Mini Bumblebee Dome


All blooms and bugs are made to order.

Every bloom is unique and their colour/ shape/ size might not match the pictures exactly.

Small imperfections and signs of hot glue can be expected.

Production time ranges from 2 to 3 weeks.

For bulk orders, please reach out 1 to 2 months in advance.


All prices in Singapore Dollars. Delivery within Singapore only.

Items will be couriered for a +$15 flat fee and payment can be made after collection via Paynow/ Paylah/ i-banking.

Packaging is kept simple to save on costs and help the environment! Recyclable or recycled packing materials are used as much as possible.

To care for your flowers and bugs, please keep away from direct sunlight and moisture.


Mini Dome: $95

Large Dome: $150

Colour options: Customizable for mini dome daisy, blue only for large dome.

MP&B's brand new chubby bumblebees, displayed floating mid-flight within clear cloches. Accompanied by a open daisy for the mini dome, and fluffy hydrangeas for the large dome.


Colours for daisy in mini dome is customizable.

Large dome height = 18cm

Mini dome height = 13cm

**Floating bee is fragile, please do not shake vigorously or turn upside down.




One colour option (red and white) only.

A short, stout, red and white fairytale mushroom sitting elegantly within a clear cloche. The spotted pattern consists of tiny paper scraps that are glued on one by one.

Mini dome height = 13cm

*Fragile, please do not shake dome vigorously or turn upside down.

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