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Big Blooms

Large, show-stopping blooms!! Great as photoshoot props. No stands included. Available for immediate purchase. If you're keen to rent, or to order bespoke pieces, please reach out to discuss with Eileen at


Giant Rose


Giant Sunflower


All giant blooms listed here are ready-made and available for immediate purchase/ rental unless otherwise stated. Since these are large fragile pieces, delivery will be $50, and Eileen will deliver them personally. Otherwise, you may also choose self pick up option.

Production time for a new bespoke piece ranges from 2 to 3 weeks.

For bulk orders, please reach out 1 to 2 months in advance.

All prices in Singapore Dollars. Delivery within Singapore only.

Payment can be made before collection via Paynow/ Paylah/ i-banking.


For purchase : $150

Delivery fee : +$50

Quantity available : 1

A huge show-stopping sunflower, made with a big green and brown center made from layers and layers of fringed strips for that huge fluffy effect. Petals have also been reinforced with wires which makes them sturdy yet adjustable.

Measurements : 50cm wide, 90cm height

Weight : Approx 500g



For purchase : $140

Delivery fee : +$50

Quantity available : 1

The biggest rose MP&B has ever made! This giant bloom boasts layers and layers of petals. Outer petals have been reinforced with wire to hold up the weight of the flowerhead. Leaves are bendable.

Measurements : 40cm wide, 90cm height

Weight : Approx 300g


Prices varies depending on size and quantity

Customize your giant flower to suit your event needs (e.g. longer stems for posing with as pictured). These giant blooms make wonderful props for performances and photoshoots. Production time takes 1-3 weeks.


Please note MP&B's giant flowers do not come with stands.

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