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Updated #Stayhome Crepe Paper Flower Resources for 2022

Hello Everyone! I last posted a compilation of crepe paper flower resources in 2020 when Covid19 just hit and we were all on lockdown (link here for the 2020 post). Fast forward to 2022 and while we're still in a pandemic sadly, I'm thankful we now have vaccines and have a better understanding of this virus! With that said, I know many of us are still working from home and unable to travel... life has been turned upside down!

I can't tell you how much making flowers has brought me comfort and kept me sane during these years, and I hope that it can be a source of joy for you as well! I have thus decided to update this post from 2020 since many of the old links weren't available anymore. Moreover, there are now so many new emerging paper florists! I hope you'll find it helpful!


FREE STUFF on Youtube

Campbell Workshop

So many tutorials for an impressive range of blooms! A must for any beginner!

Ta Muchly Paper Blooms

Some very interesting tips, including ways to preserve your paper blooms.

Emily Paluska (a.k.a. Revery Paper Flora)'s free Poppy video

Emily is an inspiration and this video just looks fantastic!


PAID Online Courses/ Tutorials

Yang Liu (a.k.a. Shanghai 1984)'s Digital Tutorials and Zines

Yang Liu does the most amazing blooms and non-blooms - like carrots! She has launched a beautiful zine - which is like an online magazine, as well as new pdf tutorials for purchase.

Inga Ilze Peterson

Inga is another huge inspiration for me and she now has a host of lovely online workshops including one for her amazing dahlias.

Flower and Jane's Botanical Realism Course

Amity has amazingly pulled in great artists from all over the world, and given them a platform to share their amazing skills. This collection of courses is, without a doubt, quite special!

Bouq Paper Flowers

Catherine has released quite a few new classes, including lower-priced bundles!

And of course, not to forget, MY OWN PAGE

Though I do not have any new courses, I'm working on something new that will allow me to share so much with you! (Announcement coming soon, January 21st!)




The easiest place to look for kits would be Etsy! Campbell workshop is selling some flower-specific kits, as well as sample boxes. I definitely recommend shopping around this site!



Paper Talk Podcast

Paper Talk Podcast is back for Season 4 but you can definitely go back to their older episodes for a listen - I especially found the interviews with Cartotecnica Rossi and Carte Fini very insightful. Need something to listen to while you craft, why not give Jessie and Quynh a go!


I hope this updated post was helpful and not too overwhelming! Stay safe my friends! Keep blooming! :D

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