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#Stayhome Crepe Paper Flower Resources

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Hello Everyone! I know these are strange strange times. If you're a fellow Singaporean, yesterday's news of the Circuit Breaker extension (till 1st June) wasn't fun to hear.

I encourage you to take a breath. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. This is new and weird for everyone. You don't have to strive to be productive every single day... give yourself days off to chill, to read, to walk around the house in your PJs and eat breakfast for dinner. :)

However, If you're crafty and have an eye on paper flowers, but don't know where to start, I hope this list is helpful! Its definitely not a COMPLETE list, I'm sure there's great stuff I missed. Disclaimer: This list is not sponsored, its my personal list of artists that I follow. Also, this is by no means me trying to promote myself aha. I did include some of my own stuff, but just so you have options, because options are great!




There's too many video tutorials to list. Some might not be in English, but still great as a visual resource.

Sara Kim

I love Sara Kim, she shares so many great FREE DIY tutorials and also teaches online workshops for a fee. She mainly works with construction paper (not crepe) but I love her aesthetic so much I had to include her!

Camellia Bees

Camellia has done so well, she's now an Amazon seller! Great for beginners.

P.S. I have my free youtube Peony tutorial here:

P.P.S. My sunflower course is also free on Teachable here:




Lia Griffith

Lia and her team has a great collection of crafts ranging from crepe paper flowers to felt pieces! Its based on a membership subscription but there's a couple of freebies and its always a great place to get inspiration!

My Woolly Mammoth

Janita has a Paper Flower Academy that teaches different flowers across the year! Available for monthly or yearly subscription.

Livia Cetti

Livia is paper florist legend with 2 books under her belt! She now has online classes hosted on a special instagram page, you just need to sign up for a monthly membership!


Flower and Jane

Amity is an expert at teaching and she now has a selection of "Pay what works" online classes, which means you get to choose the price option that works best for you. Its wonderful to see her hands at work and her dying techniques (she's not afraid to get her hands dirty!)

Jessie Chui

Jessie is another of the paper florist greats, she has an amazing book but if you want to jump right into her video classes, she has a couple of very pretty ones including a FREE Wild Roses course once you sign up for her email list.

Susan Bonn

Susan also has a great selection of flower courses - all at different price ranges so you can pick and choose!

Bouq Paper Flowers

If you have a bigger budget, Catherine has some brand new classes that teaches you how to make very realistic roses and foliage.

A Petal Unfolds

Susan is a legend in paper flower circles aha and her paper peony course is still available to purchase!



The Paper Petals Co, US

Thao has a Peony, Succulent and Rose craft boxes available to purchase! Each craft box will be accompanied by a video tutorial.

The Posey Box, US

Quynh works with different paper artists to design monthly curated kits for you accompanied by videos so that you can craft different flowers each month!

The Wild Hive, UK

Bee has a beginner's kit for making peonies! Each kit comes with templates and step by step instructions.



Paper Talk

If you'd like some insight into the paper flower world, I can't recommend PAPER TALK enough. Jessie and Quynh (amazing paper florists themselves) chat about common issues and interview artists/ suppliers from all over the world - there's such valuable knowledge to be gained from listening to their lively, informal chats.


Where to Buy Crepe Paper (Singapore)

Now I have a full article detailing where I source my crepe paper from, but this section is mainly for crafters who only want to purchase a small amount of crepe to craft with.

Good news is that, Spotlight has an ongoing sale for their Lia Griffith collection of crepe. I recommend the 10 rolls pack of Heavy Crepe (Heavy crepe is the closest to 180gsm Italian Crepe that I use) or you can also experiment with the double-sided crepe!

My friend Szehwei also sells crepe paper packs on her website!

I also sell kits! They're pre-cut rolls and packed with different colour themes in mind, you can find out more info on my Etsy page. :)


I hope all that was helpful and not too overwhelming! Stay safe my friends! Keep blooming!

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