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Crepe Paper DIY Kits & great Youtube channels for paper flowers

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

On top of my Workshop Supplement Rose and Peony kits, I've just launched a new DIY KIT with 6 sheets of Italian Crepe, plus some little extra materials! It makes a perfect starter kit for anyone in Singapore who would like to test out Italian crepe without having to buy large rolls and ship them in from overseas. :)

It includes all the basic colours, and I left out any instructions or templates so that you can just get creative with them without worrying too much about following any rules. You may find these kits here on my Etsy!

However, if you do get stuck, here are some great Youtube channels! They teach tons of different flower types, and I haven't necessarily tried out every one, but they're definitely helpful if you're a beginner, just to be exposed to the variety of techniques and methods of manipulating crepe paper.

This channel includes an excellent introduction to the different types of crepe (I use Florist Crepe mentioned towards the middle of the video) as well as some techniques for colouring and shaping crepe paper (it can get a little technical/ require more tools, so don't worry if you aren't ready for that yet, you can save those videos for later!)

Its hard to explain what cupping or curling is with words so the best way is to watch Jennifer's videos. These are the fundamental sculpting techniques that can be applied to almost all crepe paper flowers. Another great thing about Jennifer's tutorials (check out her peony tutorial) is that she doesn't really use hot glue guns and opts for floral tape instead, so if you're missing a hot glue gun, these videos are great for you.

Another great introduction to crepe paper flowers, including some interesting historical facts! However, she tends to use her line of fine crepe for her flowers, which is slightly different from our 180gsm florist crepe. Nonetheless she's a great teacher and she goes through many other materials as well including floral tape (see part 2 of the video).


Below are more channels with tutorials for specific flowers! I do recommend watching at least 1 or 2 introductory videos first to have a better understanding of your core materials before diving into specific flowers. :)

Have fun exploring!

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