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Spring 2024

A new collection of blooms to usher in Spring! Perfect as gifts or home decor for Chinese New Year or Valentine's Day.

This year's collection will NOT
be made to order. MP&B has made limited quantities of each item and orders will be taken in a first come first served basis.

LAUNCH DATE: 21st January 2024

DELIVERY PERIOD: 26th to 4th Feb 2024 (Fridays and Weekends only)

To order, please fill in this form:

*Please note that all courier delivery fees (tracking included) will be $20 per delivery*


Mini Orchids


Pink Hyacinth


Mirabel Arrangement


Cherry Blossoms


White Orchids


All blooms in this collection are already made and ready for sale.

Every bloom is made from hand. Small imperfections and signs of hot glue can be expected.


All prices in Singapore Dollars. Delivery within Singapore only.

Items will be delivered for a +$20 courier flat fee and payment can be made after delivery via Paynow/ Paylah/ i-banking.

Packaging is kept simple to save on costs and help the environment! Recyclable or recycled packing materials are used as much as possible.

To care for your flowers, please keep away from direct sunlight and moisture. Your flowers should last at least a few years with proper care.



$200 (usual price $220)

Glass vessel included.

Only 1 available.


*Flowers will NOT be wrapped as a bouquet unless requested and will be delivered in the glass vessel. This helps us reduce wrapping paper usage, thank you!*


A combination of MP&B's favourite blooms, Mirabel brings together 2 fluffy peonies, 6 elegant orchids, a pretty bunch of Barbie pink hydrangeas, and 2 juliet roses. Named after Mirabel from the movie Encanto, this bouquet is my celebration of youthfulness and love. No watering or trimming needed, just pop the flowers into the vase for a long-lasting floral arrangement.

Flowers are bunched together permanently and cannot be rearranged. With a simple glass vase, the arrangement measures 35cm tall.



$90 per pot (usual price $110)

Only 2 available! Choose Option A or B.

Introducing the mini version of MP&B's striped orchids! Featuring 10 blooms across 2 stalks, these adorable pink orchid plants will be perfect for your desk or bedside table! Featuring hand-drawn petals and wired leaves. Potted in a ceramic vase using air-dray clay and covered with paper straw fillers.

Approximate height is 30cm. Main stalk and leaves are wired and bendable which means you can change up the shape and direction of each bloom/ leaf.



$110 per arrangement
Vessels included as pictured.




A small collection of ready-made cherry blossoms just for the new year! These branches have been designed to be fuller than previous versions to evoke abundance.


Each arrangement has over 25 blossoms and buds and are designed according to its vase! Height approximately 28cm tall (including vase). Don't worry, all branches are bendable so you can still change the shape according to your liking! Branch is removable from vase.