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Crepe Paper Flower Artists in Singapore - TheFloralPetal

This is the first post in my 2021 series which features emerging local artists who make crepe paper flowers. For the full list of featured artists, click here.

It's truly exciting to see how the Crepe Paper Flower community is growing here, and this week, I'm launching a series of posts to help shine a spotlight on emerging crepe paper florists in Singapore!

You might not believe this, but there were only maybe 3 local crepe paper florists when I first launched MP&B 5 years ago - and I was (I believed) the only one who was doing this full-time and not as a hobby! So yes, I did feel a little lonely back then, which is why I'm thrilled to introduce to you a few more fellow paper artists whom I've recently discovered on Instagram.

The first artist I'm featuring is Michelle from TheFloralPetal. I was initially drawn to her cardstock paper bouquets (check out her striking rainbow roses), and now I'm so impressed by her sweet, delicate crepe paper roses. Plus, her orchids (featured below) simply oozes elegance, don't you think?

Read on to find out more about Michelle! :)

~ ~ ~

Michelle, from TheFloralPetal

1. Who are you, and how did you start making crepe paper flowers?

Hi there! My name is Michelle, the paper florist behind Thefloralpetal.

As a flower lover, I am constantly on the lookout for interesting ways to make flowers.

During my search, I chanced upon a book called ‘Paper to Petal’.

I fell in love with the creation of the blooms, and that's how I got started on my crepe paper flower journey.

2. What kind of crepe paper do you work with, and where do you get your crepe paper from?

I work with heavy crepe paper and double-sided crepe paper.

Etsy is where I get my crepe paper from. I also go to a local store in Chinatown (Golden Dragon at People’s Park Centre).

3. Favourite flower to make?

Roses! There are so many different varieties and colours of roses to create.

4. What would you consider to be the most challenging part of being a paper florist?

The most challenging part of being a paper florist is the time needed to make the flowers.

Every flower is handmade so the process can be time-consuming.

It is especially challenging when I want to fulfil a same-day delivery bespoke order but am unable to do so because of the tight timeline.

5. Favourite part of the flower-making process?

Forming the flower is my favourite part of the process.

It is magical to see the flower ‘grow’ as I add on the petals.

6. What are your hopes for your crepe paper flower business, and what can customers look forward to for your brand?

I hope to be able to continue creating paper flowers that brings joy to people.

Customers can look forward to many more blooms for gifts and weddings, as well as possible kits & workshops in the future so that everyone can create their own paper flower garden and find their own happy place through their blooms.

~ ~ ~

If you like Michelle's blooms, here's a list of sites where you can find her:

(P.S. in case you would like to reach her, she prefers Instagram DMs!)

Instagram (@thefloralpetal)

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