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Crepe Paper Flower Artists in Singapore - Paper Full of Posies

This is my 4th post in a series that features my fellow crepe paper florists based in sunny little Singapore! For the full list of posts, click here.

I got to learn about Sophie and her brand 'Paper Full of Posies' when I discovered her floral letters series on Instagram... Each floral letter was delicate, meticulously crafted, and full of whimsy - recalling childhood storybooks and fairytales. It's so unique and you just HAVE TO check them out here. ("E" is my favourite aha)

Thus, when Sophie officially launched her website, I knew the first thing I wanted to do was to get an interview with her! Reading her answers, I found myself nodding along. I could absolutely relate to so many things she shared, especially about being inspired by the book "Paper to Petal" and discovering Crepe Paper Flowers for the first time!

Read on to learn more about the extremely talented Sophie. I hope you'll find this interview relatable and inspiring too. :)


Sophie, from Paper Full of Posies

1. Who are you and how did you start making crepe paper flowers? Salutations! I’m Sophie, the hands behind PAPER FULL OF POSIES. PAPER FULL OF POSIES is my little nook where I make paper bloom, so that everyone can enjoy the beauty of flowers. As a self-taught paper florist, I spend my time studying God’s wonderous botanical creations and offering my own interpretation in the paper blooms I create.

Friends often tease that I have scissors for fingers. As long as I can remember, I have always had fun playing with paper and glue. I can’t exactly pinpoint the moment I discovered and started making crepe paper flowers. I have always been making paper blooms from construction paper, newspaper and countless of other paper types. I have fond memories of scouring the library shelves for craft books and having loads of fun embellishing gifts with paper flowers or gifting them as they are.

Imagine my joy when I laid eyes on Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell’s book, Paper to Petal, many years ago! I was rejoicing that paper flowers were getting noticed. Inspired by the book, I made flowers using party streamer crepe paper. When I finally managed to lay my hands on some Italian crepe paper, it was as if the lights came on.

2. What kind of crepe paper do you work with and where do you get your crepe paper from? I love the feel and stretch of 180g Italian crepe paper, hence I work with it most of the time. Prior to using Italian crepe paper, I used to purchase my doublette crepe from Malaysia and they were my prized possessions that I used sparingly. I do appreciate its texture for creating certain flowers.

3. Favourite flower to make? Or which flower/ product would you consider your specialty? I enjoy the challenge of figuring out a new bloom. I am especially fond of creating Chinese lanterns and peonies … oh and delphiniums and foxgloves … gosh! I can’t choose! When I was considering how to challenge myself as a paper florist, I decided to create floral letters embellished with blooms. The challenge was to create a bloom whose name corresponded with the letter made. I was very humbled by all the encouragement I received on Instagram for that.

4. What would you consider to be the most challenging part of being a paper florist?

For me, it is trying to get my head around the business aspects of being a paper florist. I love the making part and am presently learning to extend my presence online as well as managing my business. 5. Favourite part of the flower-making process? I really love discovering new blooms and continue to marvel at how creative God is when He created and gifted us with such gorgeous flowers and foliage in nature. So much intricacy and details in even the simplest of blooms. Totally mind-blown! I have fun determining the colours and details I want to capture in my interpretation of each flower. Words can’t fully capture the immense sense of pride I feel whenever I succeed in interpreting what God has so wonderfully created.

6. What are your hopes for your crepe paper flower business and what can customers look forward to for your brand? Presently, I hope to be able to get my business going and allow people to learn more about PAPER FULL OF POSIES. I also hope to be able to offer workshops in the near future. With that said, who knows what the future holds? I am excited to see where these floral adventures bring me!


Here's where you can find Sophie!

Instagram: @paperfullofposies

Preferred Contact method: Email or message Sophie on Instagram!

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