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Crepe Paper Flower Artists in Singapore - The Fhing

This is the 2nd post in my series of features for crepe paper florists based in Singapore! To view the full list of features, just click here.

If there was an award for the quirkiest name for a crepe paper flower artist, that award would go to The Fhing, hands down! I was initially bewildered by this funny-sounding handle, but I soon realized how perfectly this peculiar name encapsulated this whimsical world of giant, "bigger-than my-head", Alice-in-Wonderland, fairytale-like crepe paper flowers.

What's even more interesting to me, was that we have a mother-daughter duo behind this brand! Ed (Edwiana) handles the business side of things while her mom crafts these giant blooms.

Read on to see more gorgeous enormous blooms, and learn the story behind The Fhing's quirky name! :)


Ed & her Mom, the mother-daughter duo behind The Fhing

1. Who are you and how did you start making crepe paper flowers?

This is Ed and I manage @thefhing which I set up to share my mum’s beautiful creations. When the circuit breaker happened in 2020, my mum found that making crepe paper flowers is fun, therapeutic and that she was actually good at it! She then started falling in love with making crepe flowers, not just any crepe flowers but really huge ones that made our house look even smaller than it is.

It started with giving a good friend of mine one of our huge creations for her birthday, and then we also gave one to Tan Chuan Jin (Speaker of Parliament) in the Singapore theme of red and white since National Day was coming up. We were featured on his Instagram, and that was the start of our Instagram page @thefhing!

We came up with calling our crepe paper flowers "Fhing" which also means "flower kinda things". You know, why wouldn't you want to name your baby? :D

2. What kind of crepe paper do you work with and where do you get your crepe paper from?

We mainly work with the 32gsm crepe paper from Germany as we felt that it wasn’t too thin yet not too thick for our style of flowers. We like how this weightage allows the flowers to look and feel real yet not too flimsy for our huge crepe flowers. We are still in the process of experimenting different kinds of crepe papers and the weightage, so ask us again in a year! :D

3. Favourite flower to make? Or which flower/ product would you consider your specialty?

Our first Fhing was the huge rose and that’s what pulled on our heart strings. And our rose got better each time we made them. We did venture and are still on a journey to discovering and creating different kinds of flowers. Our specialty definitely lies in them being huge and bigger than your head even!

4. What would you consider to be the most challenging part of being a paper florist?

The frustration when the Fhing doesn’t turn out as we expected. In the beginning, it was the trial and errors in creating and always learning from how we could make the next one better.

5. Favourite part of the flower-making process?

Creating each Fhing and seeing how the end product turns out would be our favourite part. Each Fhing is different and we always say that no 2 Fhings are the same. Also loving how we learn and grow together with each Fhing made.

6. What are your hopes for your crepe paper flower business and what can customers look forward to for your brand?

As this is a passion project, we aim to learn and grow everyday and if there are any opportunities that come our way, we will be ready to get on board.


If you like these giant blooms, here's where you can find more information:

(P.S. If you're reaching out, The Fhing prefers Instagram DMs)

Website: (updates in progress, stay tuned!)

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