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As Featured on Channel News Asia

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Commemorating 22nd December 2016 as the day Miss Petal & Bloom appeared on TV! YAY!

I decided to write this post not just to document this milestone, but to also acknowledge the people who made this happen, and share a little about how the opportunity came about. Perhaps this could be a story of inspiration and motivation for all full-time crafters and entrepreneurs - that when one door closes, somewhere a window opens! You never know when opportunities come knocking, and God truly has perfect timing. :)

When I started MP&B, I had hoped that I could one day be featured in a magazine, or even better, in our local newspapers... but being on TV! Wow! To see my handmade flowers on television - that was nothing short of incredible - and it does feel pretty surreal watching myself on TV!


First Look Asia is a breakfast programme by Channel News Asia which covers pretty much everything from serious news to lifestyle features. This particular segment highlights handmade festive gifts and featured local crafters, including Parade Made (handcrafted stamps), The Green Capsule (terrariums), and Concrete Everything (concrete home accessories). Not only did we get the chance to demonstrate our crafts (I did my demonstration on Crepe Paper Poinsettias), I thought it was pretty cool that we represented a diverse variety of crafts, not only the more 'feminine crafts' like mine, but more 'masculine' crafts such as concrete-making as well.

If you'd like to watch the video, you can click on this link or watch the embedded video below!


This feature would not have been possible without Itchy Fingers - the team that brought us all together and kindly allowed us to use their studio for the filming. I must add that Sarah and Alison from Itchy Fingers were so supportive from the start - they are striving to keep the spirit of craftsmanship alive, and I'm amazed at how protective they are of their own collaborators and their original works. I will always be grateful for them taking me in.

And of course, I have to thank the production team from CNA, including Victoria Ong (our producer) and the camera and sound crew! It was so fun to be all miked up. I also had a bit of fun listening in with their headphones and inspecting their cameras - its quite fascinating to witness all that happens behind-the-scenes.