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DIY Paper Flowers for T2 Tea

Any tea fans out there? I'm not the biggest fan of tea (have always been more fond of coffee) but I do love the beautiful prints on T2 Tea Teawares - their stores have always been such a rich source of inspiration! Their vibrant colours and florals are so enticing, it makes me want to buy everything in their store! AHA. So I was really honoured when they approached me to do a special project for them!

In efforts to upcycle and repurpose old christmas wrapping paper, we decided that we could create a simple tutorial to craft paper flowers from wrapping paper. I promise it's easy and straightforward! We also have the templates up on their site:

Also, don't you just love this colourful and vibrant wrapping paper! It's also a T2 Tea design.

I hope you enjoy this video!

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