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MP&B for Harper's Bazaar

I've always dreamed of doing a fashion editorial shoot, with my flowers, somehow! Didn't think my dream would become reality so soon! Admittedly, I was a ball of nerves when they first approached me and sat me down for a meeting, I was very candid about my limited abilities and lack of experience, but they were so supportive and encouraging - they had more faith in me than I had in myself haha. Sharing more about the shoot here!

I am so thrilled to finally share the final photos - we took so many throughout the day (it was a full-day shoot in their studio!) that it seems crazy that only 4 survived.

So this shoot was for a brand called Moncler - they are known for their winter jackets and they recently had a campaign called Moncler Genius whereby they invite different designers to come add their own spins on their classic designs, giving birth to brand new collections. This one was by Simone Rocha and oh boy, I loved all the floral details! Just check out this embroidered jacket below!

To prep for the shoot, I made a whole bunch of flowers and leaves, so much so I didn't even bother to count haha. I had to work with one colour - WHITE, so I wanted to focus on having different textures and sizes of blooms, hence the hydrangeas, proteas, mixed with roses and poppies and ferns.

Of course there were also the 2 oversized stalks I made - they were my favourite because they were easier to make ahaha (yes I've been very honest about disliking tiny blooms hehe)

You know, the world of high fashion has always intimidated me (think The Devil wears Prada) but during the shoot I really got to see how artistry and creativity were very much the essence of the fashion world - from the details of the clothes, to how they were mixed and matched, to the photographer's point of view or how the stylist brought model + clothes + props together in a dynamic photograph. Fashion is art isn't it? Not too different from the craft that I do myself, haha.

Thank you for all the kind words of support ever since I released the photos on my social media! Its a big milestone for me and I'm very happy to receive all your love!

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