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Where I buy my Crepe Paper Rolls - updated Sept 2021

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

I've written a couple of posts over the years about where I get my materials - specifically my Italian 180gsm crepe paper, and this round I thought I should compile it all into one post for convenience, especially for my readers based in Singapore - thus this post isn't really where I buy my rolls, but a recommendation of where YOU can buy crepe paper rolls!

You may still read the more detailed original posts filed under 'Tips and Resources' on this blog, but here is a very brief summary of where to find the essential tools and materials for flower-making.


If you've been following me for a while you know that I LOVE Italian 180gsm Crepe Paper and work with it exclusively. Its durable, strong, comes in many colours, and it has such an amazing stretchability that gives us so much room for creativity.


  • 180gsm is the thickest and has the most stretch. There are also other weights like 90gsm from the same manufacturer.

  • Italian crepe is the stretchiest and the brand is called Cartotecnica Rossi. There is a China-made version (on Taobao and the likes) that looks similar but be warned, the colours might not last as long and the stretch might not be as good as the Italian version.

  • Colour codes are indicated as 3 digit numbers on the label, but different sellers will call them by different names (Cartotecnica Rossi themselves have changed the names over the years). So colour codes are helpful for ensuring you buy the same shade every time.

  • 1 original roll measures 250cm x 50cm (take note of this when purchasing online, as some sellers might sell HALF rolls) and is probably sufficient to make 30-40 rose-sized flowers.

Alright, so where can I buy these rolls from?

A) From the manufacturer - Cartotecnica Rossi's website
1.35 Euros per roll

I buy directly from the manufacturer Cartotecnica Rossi since I order in bulk (about 42 rolls per order). Shipping costs is quite insane to be frank, which is why I don't sell these large rolls myself.

Here's what the online store looks like. You can see that there are a whole range of weights, prints, even bicoloured options!


  • These is a minimum order for Cartotecnica Rossi, which I believe is 30+ rolls.

  • Shipping to Singapore goes upwards from SGD$100+

  • If you do buy from here, CHECK THE DIFFERENT SHIPPING RATES. The 3 day shipping cost is bizarrely cheaper than the 5 day shipping cost, at least for me it is. Make sure you compare before checking out.