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I'm publishing a book! Official cover reveal, plus more posts to come!

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

I am beyond thrilled to officially announce that I've written a crepe paper flower book! CREPE PAPER BLOOMS, BUGS & BUTTERFLIES will be released on May 10th 2022. This book is published by the amazing UK craft book publisher - David & Charles - and sold in bookstores worldwide!

Besides my favourite whimsical blooms, I've also included step-by-step instructions on how to make adorable bees, moths and butterflies, all using Italian 180gsm Crepe Paper (plus some florist wires, soft pastels, paint and glue). I wrote this book for both beginners and experienced crafters and my hope is that it brings you joy and inspiration!

I've documented the process as much as I could and I plan to share pretty much EVERYTHING in a series of blog posts that I will release periodically before May. This goes back all the way to the beginning of 2021 when I sent out my book proposal to different publishers, to how I constantly struggled with photography, to even how I literally threw up (due to stress!) during the final editing stages. Mainly, I wanted to lift the curtain and reveal all the work that went behind this baby - work that I couldn't really show anyone until a full year later! It was a roller coaster ride spanning a year, and the ride still isn't over.

There's a full list of people I have to thank for making this book a dream come true, but that will have to wait until the book is officially out. For now, I'd like to thank YOU, for reading this, and for supporting me in any way shape or form since I started 6+ years ago.


I'm very much aware that I'm not the most talented, skilled, or refined paper artist out there. Nonetheless, this book is my baby. I can say for certain that it is not perfect, you will find flaws with it for sure, but it has all my love, and I promise you I have given it all of my heart and soul. I really do hope everyone enjoys the book!


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