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Crepe Paper Flower Bridal Bouquets and Arrangements

Hi everyone! If you've been following me on social media, you would know I took the entire October (and closed all incoming orders) to revamp the shop, refine my techniques and whip up some new items! The big thing I focused on was creating a Bridal Collection. Especially now, since weddings in a time of a pandemic are already so stressful, I figured having one less thing to worry about - in having pre-arranged flowers that weren't dependent on imports or seasons - would be a great idea.

In this post I'll be diving into my new bridal collection and a little bit of their creation process!

Crepe Paper Flower Bridal Bouquet

CAROLINE is my most colourful, vibrant bouquet full of carnival vibes! This bouquet was designed around that pink King Protea you see in the middle. It took me a few days to get that protea right but I love how unique it is (it's quite a strange-looking flower if you think about it!) and I also love how it looks as a table arrangement.

Crepe Paper Flower Bridal Bouquet

Next is CATHERINE, which is actually my favourite haha. I love all the juicy reds and that juxtaposition of those spotted orchids. Catherine was actually originally designed for my 2020 Valentine's Collection but I love it so much that I wanted to bring it back for weddings.

Crepe Paper Flower Bridal Bouquet

This sweet one up here is called Georgiana, I wanted a bouquet that evokes purity and innocence. You'll see I've updated my Anthurium - it's much cleaner and smoother-looking right now. I've also included 2 large white orchids off to the side for some visual interest in the profile view.

Crepe Paper Flower Bridal Bouquet

The last one I'll chat about is ISABELLA. She was exciting to make because she kinda took a life of her own and diverged from my original plans. What I love about her is those chestnut pampas grass at the back, and the little bougainvillea blooms off to the side for an asymmetrical effect.

The great beauty of these bridal bouquets is that they're pre-designed so you'll know exactly how they look, yet you can customize them by changing up the colours! Best of all, you can keep them for a long time after your special day - this is especially useful if you have a pre-wedding photoshoot and would like to use the same bouquet for both your PWS and wedding day!

I have more information on prices and the production process via this dropbox deck:

You can also purchase these as everyday arrangements, more photos here:

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