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Crepe Paper Sunflower NEW Tutorial

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Hello everyone! A new year calls for new videos! AHA.

I've been a fan of Carte Fini for a while now, even though I don't buy my crepe paper from them personally, I think they're doing a great job within the states to promote crepe paper floristry and spotlight some amazing artists! I thought I would also contribute something small like a updated Sunflower Tutorial! Click the link below to watch!

What I like about Sunflowers is that its so easy to change it up! If you've seen my free Teachable tutorial for petite Sunflowers, the techniques are basically the same - all I did was make the petals smaller and the center larger, and voila! A whole different look with the same cheery vibe!

Hope you enjoy the video! I'll be sharing more Behind The Scenes and Timelapses this time round!

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