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Valentine's Day Roses

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Sorry if I haven't been posting too frequently, I thought I'd make up for it by posting a timelapse video! This is really just a behind-the-scenes look at my crafting process and unfortunately I won't be uploading any tutorials or sharing any instructions/ templates at this time - if you're based in Singapore, I hope you'll join me for my workshops though! :D

I hope posting this video gives you a glimpse of the amount of effort that goes behind each bloom. The original video in my normal speed was actually about 30min long, and what's not shown is the countless of hours of trial and error before reaching that perfect formula (including petal shape, size, quantity, arrangement, colour combination, etc.) that I was happy with. I truly put my heart into these babies, and its the best feeling when I have customers who truly appreciate the time and effort that goes into every single stalk!

Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year blooms are not up in the Shop Section! Happy browsing!

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