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Where I get my Craft Supplies PART 2: GOLDEN DRAGON

Golden Dragon is this little gem tucked away in People's Park Centre in Chinatown. It has a lot of history and you can tell just by stepping inside. On the surface, it looks like a store that sells only sewing supplies, but they have a little corner with really great stuff for a paper florist.


1. FLORAL PIPS Floral pips are these small plastic beaded shapes that are mainly used as flower stamens/ flower centers. I haven't seen them in Art Friend or any other art stores. These pips are particularly useful for making anemones.

2. FLORAL TAPE Now I usually get my floral tape from Far East Orchid but GD has some interesting colours including Yellow and Blue. I plan on using them to make some unique unconventional blooms!

3. (Doublette?) CREPE PAPER GD has thin packets of crepe paper which reminds me of German Doublette. I'll try them out to see how the quality holds up, but they do have a nice selection of colours to experiment with and well, you can't really go wrong with 90cents per packet right?


There's definitely a lot more to explore in GD, their selection of beads is amazing and they have many little trinkets (e.g. embroidery hoops) that can inspire new craft projects. Definitely worth a visit!

Keep Blooming,


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