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Where I buy my Crepe Paper Rolls

*UPDATED 6th APRIL 2017*

I’ve discussed a little bit in an earlier blog post about different types of Crepe Paper, in this post I’ll be focusing on where I order my Italian Crepe Paper rolls from, as well as my recommended colours. Hope this is helpful to any budding paper florist!

1. Etsy - SG$4.18 per roll and up If you’ve never been on Etsy, its a wonderful community for crafters all over the world. I’ve sold and bought on Etsy before and I’ve never had an unpleasant experience - these are real makers who are passionate about their craft, or buyers who really appreciate the value of handmade. Sure, it might be more expensive than what you see on Carousell, but as a crafter myself, I appreciate that handmade goods of a high quality comes at a higher price.

If you’re looking for crepe paper rolls, just search “Italian Crepe Paper 180gsm” and a few sellers pop up. My favourite seller is Mazziflowers - she is a really fast shipper and her rates are reasonable. If you’re based in Singapore like me, yes, the shipping cost might shock you at first! The cost to ship per roll will most likely be more than the paper roll itself! However, thankfully, the lower price per roll offsets the high shipping costs! And of course I usually buy more than 10 rolls at one shot, this further lowers the average shipping cost per roll. (P.S. If you’re wondering why some rolls are more expensive than others despite the same weight per gsm, its probably because the colours are more unique or rare. The crepe paper makers sometimes produce seasonal colours, metallic colours, paper with gradients, or waterproof versions, hence the higher prices.)

2. Crepe Paper Store - US$7.00 per roll

This was actually the first store I purchased my crepe paper rolls from. You can see they sell one roll at US$7.00 (approx SG$9.90) but I appreciate how its a very informative website and you can read their article on how crepe paper is made here (in the box at the bottom of the page).

3. Cartotecnica Rossi - 1.50 Euros per roll

Cartotecnica Rossi is the leading manufacturer of fine Italian Crepe Paper. It has a beautiful website and yes, its the brand I use! There are a few tutorials on there as well as some featured crepe paper artists. They do have an online shop and its a good place to view their full range of colours! Their rolls are the cheapest (1.50 Euros) but unfortunately they only ship in the EU, Canada, USA and Australia.

4. Carte Fini - US$7.00 per roll

Carte Fini is based in the US and they price their crepe paper rolls at US$7.00 as well. I have not purchased from them but they do have an impressive range of colours. Carte Fini sells on Etsy and Amazon as well.

5. LOCAL SELLER: Art Lab in Beauty World Centre - SGD8 per roll I've recently chanced upon a small little art store nestled in B1 of Beauty World Centre and to my surprise, there were rolls of Italian Crepe Paper in they store! The shop lady is called Evelyn and her store is right next to Giant. Now these rolls are priced at $8.00 each and Evelyn sells both 140gsm and 180gsm rolls. The only downside is that she has limited stock and very limited colours, but if you're looking to just buy one roll of pink or white, she'll probably have it!

6. LOCAL SELLER: Kin Soon House of Ribbons - SGD2 per roll

Now as I've mentioned in my last post, these are NOT Italian-made, meaning the quality is poorer. You can still use them to make flowers, but don't expect the colours to last very long or the paper to be very firm. Nonetheless, they are good for practice!


Do you know any other sellers? Leave a comment or message me and I’ll be happy to include them on the list!


If you’re wondering about the 3 digit codes, each code represents a colour and no, they don’t always follow a chromatic order (e.g. 562 and 591 are both greens but 568 is a brown). 180gsm crepe rolls are codes in 500s and 600s while 140gsm is coded in the 900s. If you’re a beginner, I recommend these colours as your starter-kit. Light Green: 562 Dark Green: 591 Warm Yellow: 576 Vanilla: 577 Cream: 603 Light Pink: 569 Medium Pink: 550 Hot Pink: 552 Bright Peach: 601 Red: 580

As mentioned before, 1 roll makes about 30 roses. And each roll comes wrapped in plastic so you can actually keep them for a very long time without their colours fading. Ah these crepe paper rolls just make me happy! Haha :P Thanks for reading and please feel free to ask me any questions! Happy shopping!! :)

Keep Blooming,


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