MP&B now offers an array of Online Classes so that you can begin your crafting journey from the comfort of your own home! Kits that accompany each course are also available for purchase via MP&B's Etsy store. All videos are hosted on the Teachable platform, visit the main site via clicking the link below:


Sunflowers (Free!)
Ombre Roses
Giant Poppies
Closed Peonies
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Why choose MP&B?

We're definitely aware that there are plenty of free tutorials available online for you to learn from, and there's no denying that they're great and helpful for beginners.


For Eileen, online classes are a way to reach out to her international followers and spread the joy of crafting to a greater audience. Her style is ALWAYS vibrant, cheerful, and whimsical! When you take her class, you're not just learning how to make A flower, but you're learning secrets, short-cuts, tips and tricks of crepe paper flower-making from someone who's been crafting flowers for years for brands such as Kate Spade New York, Franck Muller, Keds, Harper's Bazaar, and more.


Each flower is a product of a tried and tested formula, and each video course is a product of hours of planning, filming, and careful editing. If you're a fan of Eileen's colourful style, then these are the classes for you!

Perks of joining the MP&B Teachable School:

  • Lifetime access! Learn at your own pace and time.

  • All courses are accompanied by a free Template sheet and Summary sheet (PDFs that may be downloaded and printed)

  • They're also accompanied by specially packed kits available to purchase from Eileen's Etsy Store

  • Eileen is available to help through the comments section! Just leave me your question and I'll get back to you ASAP :)

  • All videos are filmed with 2 cameras on a widescreen (not on iphones, though there's nothing wrong with that!) and edited so that the videos are concise and informative

  • You'll get a top-down view and close-ups of delicate cutting or sculpting processes

  • A friendly audio commentary is included - as if you're chatting with a friend while crafting!

  • Special discounts for current students, usually during festive seasons and when a new class launches!

All classes also comes with a free preview trailer and introduction video where I share more about the flower.

If you're still wondering if the online platform is right for you, why not give MP&B's FREE SUNFLOWER Course a go? Click on the image below to try it out!

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