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MP&B's theme for this crazy summer is RAINBOWS and FLUFFINESS.
You'll get the fluffiest blooms (including brand new peonies) and bright cheerful colours from old classics. Perfect as cheerful gifts for your loved ones.

All long-lasting, no fuss no muss, each handmade with love.

*MP&B is donating 10% of sales to the Coronavirus Relief Fund by GlobalGiving’s Disaster Recovery Network.*


You can order via email!


For ready stock items, its on a first come first served basis, please allow at least 2 days notice before courier delivery/ collection.

For made-to-order items, please allow at least 4 production days before courier delivery/ collection.


All orders will be delivered by a third party courier PICKUPP for a fixed subsidized fee of +$10. Tracking will be included.

Delivery days are fixed for Wednesdays and Saturdays, 11am to 3pm.


LOUISA Bouquet - 7 blooms


Selling Price: $160

2 Colour Schemes: Peach (top) or Blush (bottom)

*Made to Order*

A simpler version of MEG from the Mother's Day collection, this bouquet brings together MP&B's favourite fluffy blooms in 2 colour palettes - a bright, sweet, and cheerful peachy palette, and a more muted and romantic blush palette.



Bouquet Recipe: 1 Anthurium, 2 Closed Peonies, 1 Open Peony, 1 Bomb Peony, 2 Garden Roses. Open Peony measures 12cm wide.

Each stalk is handcrafted from 180gsm Italian Crepe Paper and florist wire.

This bouquet is designed to be front-facing and not a 360degree bouquet (i.e. it'll look best when displayed against a wall!)


Vase is not included. Flowers will be wrapped and delivered as a handheld bouquet.

Stalks are bound together with floral tape in a short thick stalk and cannot be rearranged. Recommended to be displayed in small vases/ bottles with smaller necks.

Bouquet measures approximately 30cm wide and 20cm tall (excluding stalk).



Cone Bouquets - Single Stalk, Charm Peonies or Ombre Roses

Charm Peony Cone: $38

Colours: Rouge, Light Pink, Velvet Red

Ombre Rose Cone: $32

Colours: Dark Pink, Medium Pink, Yellow

*Made to Order*


Brand new Charm Peonies that are full of fluff! This new design falls somewhere between MP&B's Open Peony and Closed Peony - you'll just see a small bit of the yellow center.

We're also bringing back an MP&B Classic - pretty ombre roses that are perfect for wall decor. Just use some washi tape and voila, and instant floral rainbow!

Both charm peonies and ombre roses will have accompanying leaves on a long stem. Each stalk be wrapped individually in kraft cones.



Each stalk is handcrafted from 180gsm Italian Crepe Paper and florist wire. Stalk measures approximately 30cm long and is bendable, the shape of the stalk can be adjusted to your liking.

Paper cone is made from soft Kraft wrapping paper. Measures about 36cm tall.



Potted Cacti (Small)

Selling Price: $27 for 1 pot

$25 per pot for 2 or more (in the same order)

*Limited Quantity: only 9 available*

Short chubby handmade paper cacti in bright rainbow pots! Due to limited pot quantities, these will be the only stock available and the colours will be fixed, so grab them while you can!

Each cactus is labelled a specific Alphabet. You may indicate your preferred cactus choice in the order form.


Cactus is larger than it appears! Each cactus (excluding vase) is about 7-8cm wide and 9-10cm tall (see hand for size reference)

Each cactus is handcrafted from 180gsm Italian Crepe Paper and florist wire. The cactus body is hollow so please do not squash!


Potted with shredded paper and floral foam in a lightweight bamboo pot.

Small pot is 7cm tall, 9cm wide.

Large pot is 10cm tall, 11cm wide.



Enchanted Rose

Selling Price: $60

*Ready-made domes sold out*

2 weeks production time for made-to-order

A beautiful dark red rose encased in a glass dome - the Enchanted Rose embodies romance, elegance, and of course, magic!


Each stalk is handcrafted from 180gsm Italian Crepe Paper and florist wire.

Glass dome measures 19cm tall (IKEA Begavning Glass Dome).

Lid is removable. Rose and petals are NOT glued in place, so that you may still adjust the rose and petals.


For safety, the base will be sealed with washi tape (as seen in photos) during delivery. Washi tape is removable. Does not come with a box, but MP&B will wrap it with bubble wrap.



Here at MP&B, we’re all about paper flowers, but we do care about the environment and aim to reduce waste, hence we keep packaging simple and minimal.
All bouquets will be wrapped in simple kraft/ translucent white paper and tied with ribbon. For potted blooms, it will be packaged in a simple paper bag.



All of MP&B's crepe paper blooms are handmade with love. To ensure that their colours and shape last long, please keep them indoors. All items will be treated with UV Protection Spray. However, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or contact with moisture may still cause colours to fade. The petal structure may "soften" over time as well, but this is natural and should not affect the overall look. In case of any blooms damaged in transit, I'll be happy to replace the blooms for you.


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