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Single Stalks

Elegant single stalks to add a long-lasting, fuss-free floral touch to your home or office. Each stalk can be easily plopped into a vase or washi-taped to the wall. Made with florist wire which means you may bend the stalks to your liking. Single stalks will be bent and delivered in a see-through paper bag as pictured. Alternatively, single stalks can be wrapped as a bouquet for gifting.

To purchase or place a bespoke order, please drop Eileen an email at












XL Sunflower


Every bloom/ball/bug is unique and their colour/ shape/ size might not match the pictures exactly. Small imperfections and signs of hot glue can be expected.

Unless 'sold out' is stated, all items are ready for immediate purchase.

Production time for bespoke, made-to-order items ranges from 2 to 3 weeks.

For bulk orders, please reach out 1 to 2 months in advance.


All prices in Singapore Dollars. Courier delivery within Singapore only.

Items will be couriered for a +$15 flat fee and payment can be made after collection via Paynow/ Paylah/ i-banking.

Packaging is kept simple to save on costs and help the environment! Recyclable or recycled packing materials are used as much as possible. Single stalks will be delivered in a see-through paper bag (as pictured), or you may also request for bouquet wrapping.

To care for your flowers and bugs, please keep away from direct sunlight and moisture.


$60 per stalk



Yellow : 1 available

A rose that lasts for years, the new MP&B rose is highly-detailed and more complex compared to previous versions. This rose is made with over 25 petals, each delicately sculpted and glued on by hand. Every rose is accompanied by 9 leaves and bendable stalks with crepe paper thorns.

Custom colours available upon request.

Measurements : 9cm wide, 38cm tall.



$60 per stalk


Known for layers upon layers of delicate petals, the ranunculus bloom is one of the more tedious flowers to make! MP&B presents an updated version with over 45 petals which were hand-sculpted and glued one by one. Each ranunculus bloom is accompanied by 3 quirky leaves along a bendable stalk.

Measurements : 7cm wide, 35cm tall.


$70 per stalk

Peach Pink : 1 available

Lilac : 1 available


MP&B's updated peony is a big, majestic bloom with a higher level of detail compared to earlier versions - but still equally fluffy! Made with over 30 petals, each peony is a unique work of art as no 2 petals were sculpted the same. Comes with 3 leaf branches on a bendable stalk.

Measurements : 17cm wide, 37cm tall.