New Ombre Rose Tutorial

January 4, 2020

Wow, it's already a new year - time just passes so quickly doesn't it! To celebrate, I thought I'd launch a brand new Crepe Paper ROSE online course!


Teaching online has been great because I get to interact with students from all over the globe! I've been getting lots of requests to teach roses, so I finally decided to jump in!


Wanted to share a little bit about these roses on this blog since they're very special to me. Here are the roses from way back in 2017 - my first rose design ever and it took me forever to get those colours to blend well together! You can see my curling isn't great at that point, and I don't like how I made my center swirls...

I really loved the colours though and I glad I kept the formulas with me throughout all these years. I call these my classic 4 aha. They're a little hard to match with other flowers because they're so striking by themselves!

For the tutorial, I've updated the curling techniques and tweaked the colours very slightly, but overall everything else was the same. It's quite surreal to have these now in an online course format - back in 2017, I wasn't even sure if this paper flower business would go anywhere! Ahaha. I'm so blessed that I can now call it my full time career.


Hope you guys enjoy the course!!

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