The Sheens Collection

October 20, 2016

Photo Credit: The Boutique Society


I was so honoured to contribute my blooms to a fashion show (my first ever!) by the amazing House of Sheens & Apparella! Hosted by Aria and The Boutique Society, the showcase marked the launch of "The Younique Collection" and featured leather handbags designed by MDIS students. This was my greatest challenge to date as I've never done such large arrangements before! I really had to go out of my comfort zone - including scouring through the island for the perfect white vases and suitable plastic foliage. It was a lot of hard work and anxiety but it was all worth it!



I made a total of 7 arrangements, 1 giant one to greet the guests and 6 smaller ones to be displayed with the handbags. Needless to say, the photos aren't the best quality, but it was an evening event on a rooftop bar so I really wasn't able to snap good photos. (For more pics, do check out my shop page).


Photo Credit: The Boutique Society


The arrangements had to complement the collection, so I focused on jewel tones and stayed away from pastels. I ended up focusing on Reds, Purples, Blues and Yellows. Its rare for me to stay away from pink but this time I did!



The arrangements aren't perfect - I do know I need to work on my arrangement and proportion skills, but I was nonetheless very proud of my work. I think they added so much needed vibrancy to the leather handbag display don't you agree?



I'm very grateful to Shireena from House of Sheens for being so accommodating and allowing me the opportunity to showcase my flowers alongside her handbags. It was a great learning experience for me and I'm glad I got to push myself to go bigger and now I'm less afraid of creating giant centrepieces. These blooms are now back in my house and I'm open to selling them to owners who will appreciate the time and effort that went into every single bloom, so do let me know if you're keen to taking one of these home!


Keep Blooming,



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