Pots, Balls and Bulbs 

A 2022 collection featuring brand new balls and bulbs! MP&B's goal was to curate a clean, simple, accessible collection that is super easy to display and also friendlier to the environment  (minimal use of florist foam or styrofoam).

To order, please drop Eileen an email at misspetalandbloom@gmail.com


Orchid Kokedama


Tulip Bulb


Potted Hydrangea


Potted Delphinium


Potted Foxgloves


Potted Succulent


All blooms and bugs are made to order.

Every bloom is unique and their colour/ shape/ size might not match the pictures exactly.

Small imperfections and signs of hot glue can be expected.

Production time ranges from 2 to 3 weeks.

For bulk orders, please reach out 1 to 2 months in advance.


All prices in Singapore Dollars. Delivery within Singapore only.

Items will be couriered for a +$15 flat fee and payment can be made after collection via Paynow/ Paylah/ i-banking.

Packaging is kept simple to save on costs and help the environment! Recyclable or recycled packing materials are used as much as possible.

To care for your flowers and bugs, please keep away from direct sunlight and moisture.


Double Stalks (7 orchid blooms) - $110

Single Stalk (5 orchid blooms) - $95

Colour options: White or Pink

Add on white ceramic bowl +$5

Mini striped orchids planted in a handmade kokedama ball (made with air dry clay and wrapped with crepe paper). Stripes on each petal are individually drawn by hand on laminated crepe.

Comes with a hook and transparent fishing string for hanging purposes. Alternatively, simply display on tabletop or in a wide dish.

Orchid bloom measures 5cm across. Stalks and leaves are bendable and adjustable. Single Stalk = 30cm tall, Double Stalks = 33cm tall.



$95 per pot

Colour options: Rouge Pink or Lilac Blush

A revamped foxglove design with over 20 delicate hand-painted blooms on a thin wavy stalk. Potted in a small terracotta pot using air dry clay.

Single foxglove blooms measures 4.5cm long. Total height = 42cm. Main stalk and leaves are wired and bendable.


$95 per pot

One colour option (blue) only.


A small but adorable fluffy ball of hydrangea blooms, made from over 110 petals. Petals are painted by hand with watercolours and cut from laminated crepe. Potted in a small terracotta pot using air dry clay.

Dome measures 11cm across. Height = 21cm.




$75 per bulb

One colour option (red and white) only.

An elegant Rembrandt tulip bloom with elaborate stripes glued on to each petal. Stands tall in a handmade solid bulb base (made with air dry clay, wrapped with crepe paper) complete with roots peaking out from the base.

Height = 32cm. Main stalk is bendable. Petals are wired and can be adjusted to close/ open more.




$120 per pot

One colour option (purple) only.


A tall quirky tower made with over 40 delphinium buds and blooms, complete with a lush layer of handcut leaves. Potted in a terracotta pot using air dry clay.

Individual blooms measure 5cm across. Height = 52cm.