Sudio Pink Tolv 15%off Code

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Hi friends! I don't usually do reviews, but the team over at Sudio was kind enough to offer all my followers 15% OFF their entire website! Just use the code "MISSPETAL" which only expires on 31st December (fantastic for Christmas gifts eh?). They have also generously gifted me a pair of their Tolv Wireless Earphones, which I've snapped some photos of and I'm happy to share them here!

Now I'm not the most technologically-advanced person - I've been using my old wired headphones just fine, but after a week of trying these, I'm starting to see how convenient it is to walk around with wireless earpieces. I'm usually listening to a podcast, or music, or audiobook while I craft, and naturally I have to get up multiple times to grab more wires/ or paper/ or refill my water... Not having to constantly pluck out the wired earpieces from my ears was quite nice for a change - I could even go to the loo without removing my Tolv earbuds AHA.

I of course, also dearly love this pink, which is sweet and feminine and perfectly matches my blush peonies. The case is cute and compact - no more tangled wires at the bottom of my purse!

On a more personal note, I was happy to work with Sudio not just for their emphasis on being an ethical and environmentally-aware organization (read their story here), but also because they weren't just approaching big fashion influencers or bloggers for their promotions, but small indie accounts from all walks of life and nationalities. Just scroll through their instagram page, and you'll see perspectives from crafters, readers, interior designers, athletes, photographers, students, moms, etc. These account don't necessarily draw huge followings, yet it shows that Sudio is less interested in the numbers game and more interested in diversity in who they reach out to. I mean, of course you'll still see some bloggers and influencers, but its rare to have such a healthy mix of everyday people in there, from all over the world, some who are skin positive or body positive - that's a very cool message to send and I'm honoured to be a part of that!

Enjoy the discount and happy shopping!

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