Mother's Day 2021 - Crepe Paper Flower Bouquets for Moms in Singapore

Updated: Apr 12

It's been a full year since the start of Singapore's Circuit Breaker, oh how I dearly miss taking a vacation! Which is why I've channeled as much tropical, warm, cheerful vibes as I could into the new Mother's Day collection.

I've also teamed up with Dorothea of Dottieshop ( to celebrate crafting and motherhood! We have a few specials together (and you can find more info on our respective IGs), but mainly I wanted to highlight this hand-painted artwork that I commissioned from her to be free gifts for my first 10 customers.

Mother's Day Crepe Paper Flower Bouquets Singapore

Dorothea is a mother of 2 boys herself (though you probably wouldn't be able to tell if you meet her in person because she's super bubbly and full of youthful energy!) and I was very honoured to be able to work with her this year. She is a passionate teacher and regularly conducts Watercolour and Calligraphy workshops (both skills I find INCREDIBLY difficult and haven't been able to master at all).

We were brainstorming ways to bundle our items together and I felt a small framed heartfelt piece would be the best complement to an arrangement. Dorothea then selected this most beautiful quote and meticulously wrote it down in pretty perfect calligraphy - she shared how she took several tries in order to get the balance of the words just right!

Singapore Mother's Day Crepe Paper Flower Bouquets Arrangements

Now, presenting the Mother's Day Collection! I don't get many opportunities to talk about what went into each arrangement, so I thought I should share them here!

Singapore Mothers Day Crepe Paper Flowers Harriet Tropical Bouquet

This up here is HARRIET, named after Harriet Smith of Jane Austen's Emma. I've done a previous version of Harriet in the same colour scheme and felt it was time to update the look. What I love about the new Harriet is that she's not a fully frontal kind of arrangement, but she looks best when angled to the side (where the orchids are facing front). I've introduced new 'wild' roses and some really fun striped orchids that remind me of sunbathing on a beach!

Singapore Mothers Day Crepe Paper Flowers Eliza Handmade Bouquet

My next favourite is ELIZA. You can tell that I'm really embracing the 'side tilted look' - I think it helps make the arrangement more lively and interesting! Eliza is all sweetness, pinks and peaches. Oh how I love white Anthuriums too.

Singapore Crepe Paper Flowers Handmade Orchids Pot

I've also decided to have fun with my orchids and make them a little "wonkier" than usual! I used to be all about orchids looking tall and elegant, but now I prefer them to be fun and tilt to the side, I think it makes them look more natural-looking don't you think?

Mothers Day Crepe Paper Flowers Handmade Mini Bouquet

There's ANNE named after Anne Elliot of Jane Austen's Persuasion. This is my smallest bouquet, a mini bundle that looks super cute in this ceramic vase.

Handmade Crepe Paper Flowers Dahlia Bud

I also decided to add this single stalk Dahlia to the mix! Those leaves were tedious to make but I do like how they add to the realism of the bloom.

Really happy with the whole collection, it was a lot of work putting them together (and some frustration) but I can't be prouder of the end result - this is probably my most favourite collection to date! View the full collection here:

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