Gaston Luga Parlan Backpack + A Giant Crepe Paper Rose

Discount Code + About Gaston Luga

Hi guys! Happy to share a 15% off Discount Code with you! Just key in "MISSPETAL" during checkout on the Gaston Luga site, there's no expiry so you can even save this for Christmas Shopping! :D

Gaston Luga is a Swedish brand which makes stylist yet practical backpacks. I've checked out their page and I appreciate that they are a Carbon Neutral company and they are striving to remain an ethical business.

I was gifted the Parlan bag in burgundy. It's light, water-resistant, and has several compartments to keep my stuff sorted out. I especially love this colour - its a very luxurious and delicious shade, it was what inspired me to make this giant wine red/ pink rose to match the bag!

Paper Flowers First, always

I would also like to reassure everyone that I'm still very much a Paper Flower Page! I know it might seem off-putting that I'm seemingly taking on more "ads" and promoting non-flower related brands. The truth is, business is slower than usual and so I'm going to take on any opportunity I can get to expand my portfolio and hone my marketing skills! The last thing I want is to be labelled as an "influencer", I rather inspire than influence. :)

The Process

So let's talk about the PROCESS.

With these collabs (don't ask me why I was picked haha, they just sent me a very nice email!), the brands usually do not impose limitations on how your posts should look, I didn't even have to send my shots to them first for their approval. Which means I get full creative control on how to design, style, and incorporate paper flowers into the shot. That's amazing.

You know, I could have easily just posed with the bag and snapped a photo outdoors (nothing against that, but I feel a responsibility to represent the paper flowers community). I really wanted to take these collabs as little marketing experiments and explore how paper flowers can play a role in advertising products. I think about what flower complements the product, and I play around with colours and proportions to hopefully make a good shot.

So yes, its fun to be gifted products, but I do want to share that I do take these collabs seriously and I don't take them for granted! These products aren't really "free" in that sense :)

Here's sketches of my ideas for the shot:

Fun fact, this was ROUND TWO. My first round was with pink and maroon Daisies - I made a whole bunch and did a shoot but I really hated the photos. Here are the pictures that didn't make the cut:

I initially thought of daisies because I wanted to evoke that feeling of wanderlust and "free-spirit-ness"... Ultimately I felt the daises I made weren't great and didn't look like paper flowers at all (they looked cheap and didn't elevate the product), so I decided to go to the other extreme and make a HUGE rose that was clearly handmade and would make a statement without overshadowing the backpack. I also wanted varied poses that didn't look like how everyone else was posing on Instagram - hence the awkward arm hold (that took all my arm muscles!)

Making the rose took a day and the shoot took another. I take all my own photos and the only photoshopping I do is to erase any markings or sockets on the wall behind me. The failed first round with the daisies took 2 days as well, but I think the time paid off because I'm very very pleased with how these rose photos turned out - I wouldn't have thought of this if I hadn't failed with the daisies first!

Final Words

To conclude, I hope this was enlightening about how these "collabs" work. I'm sure for other accounts the process is different, but I definitely wanted to anchor each collab in the world of paper flowers.

Finally, let me reiterate that this post isn't about me showing off that I'm getting brand collabs or how much work goes into a shot, this is just me being transparent if you're curious about the behind-the-scenes process! I don't get any commissions, just one gifted bag.

Feel free to ask me if you have any other questions. If not, have fun shopping!

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