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Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day Crepe Paper Flowers

I get this question a lot: "Do you like real flowers and do you grow them?"

Yes I do! I enjoy them in nature, but unfortunately not at home. I do not have a green thumb, only a crafting thumb haha.

That's just one more reason I love paper flowers - I get to decorate my house with blooms that never need watering or care! Hassle-free, and that's something I find crucial when it comes to gifts.

I started brain-storming this collection way back in October 2020. Had a few bumps along the way, ideas that were tossed and flowers that didn't make the cut, but overall, I'm pretty happy with this set. Simple, straightforward blooms for CNY and Vday. Nothing fancy or over-the-top. (Especially when it comes to Vday flowers, because we know most men might not know the difference between an ranunculus and a poppy, am I right?)

So here it is! Roses for Vday, Orchids and Peonies for CNY. But of course, the great thing about having these 2 special days combined in this collection is that there are really no rules, I think Peonies and Orchids could make great Vday gifts too!

I also made some special single-coloured blooms, including All-Blue Roses and All-Blush Peonies just to stand out and differentiate from fresh flower options!

And I'm also offering vases as top-up options! As part of the "hassle-free" motto, because I know a big headache sometimes with receiving flowers is not knowing how to display them. So with these vases, you'll know exactly how the blooms look like when they're unwrapped!

Hope you all enjoy the collection! Ending off with this last picture of my Hydrangeas - these were crazy tiring but also crazy fun to make! :P

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