Let's get crafty this Christmas!

If you're already on the mailing list, this information would have been delivered to your mailbox, but just in case anyone's not, here's a preview of my Christmas Crepe Paper Flower Workshops! Perfect for crafting with friends and family this festive season! :P

king protea paper flower craft workshop

I'm launching a brand new bloom - the majestic KING PROTEA! Its a more advanced flower but I love how unique and exotic it looks, it'll look great as a centerpiece for Christmas!

paper poinsettia christmas craft workshop

If you're looking for a more conventional bloom, I'll recommend my Poinsettia class! We'll make 3 Poinsettia stalks and you can plop them in a vase, attach them to your gift wrap, or pin them on your wall! Pssstt these have been featured on Channel News Asia! As part of their christmas feature last year! :P

poinsettia paper flower workshop

Last but not least, a special Potted Poinsettia class that I'm reserving for private groups. These are so so cute and you'll get to choose from 4 colours! Gather your friends, family, colleagues and spread some christmas cheer and jingles with these adorable poinsettias!

For more information, feel free to click the links below and they'll redirect you to my website pages:

PUBLIC WORKSHOPS (King Protea and Poinsettias)

PRIVATE WORKSHOPS (Potted Poinsettia)

As always, I'm here if you have any questions! See you in December :D


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