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A glittery mess with kate spade

I'm entitling this post as "a glittery mess" because we did leave a mess of gold glitter behind aha (and if you've worked with glitter, you know it gets EVERYWHERE, somehow even on your FACE ahaha). But truly I had a fabulous time teaching crepe paper poppies at the Kate Spade New York store (in MBS) yesterday!

I taught 2 sessions yesterday and we made a trio of sparkly poppies (designed specially for KSNY) complete with kraft paper cones! Its pretty cool to have a little crafting party right in the middle of such a pretty store! We were surrounded by cute prints, gold, adorable bags, like you could just get up in the middle of the workshop and walk around and shop! :P

KSNY's poppy line is unfortunately not out yet but it will be next month! Was very fortunate to have been able to borrow a beautiful jumpsuit and poppy accessories from Kate Spade! Truly felt like a Kate Spade girl yesterday. :D Plus, I must say its very encouraging to see huge brands like Kate Spade embracing the arts and crafts - this joy of art initiative is wonderful and they also had a watercolour painting session on top of mine! Thats a huge thumbs-up from me! :D

Hope all my crafty ladies had fun yesterday! I really had a wonderful time and I hope I can come back and teach with KSNY again! :D

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