Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day Specials

Pretty blooms for 2 special dates! No watering, no wilting, perfect for gifting!

This collection features new or limited edition items. Each item from this collection will come with a handmade doily heart tag. My regular single stalks, potted blooms, and arrangements are also available for ordering.

Orders are now closed. If you'll like to place any orders for after CNY/V-day, feel free to drop me an email at


Peony Trio

Watercolour Hydrangeas


Festive Orchids

Rose Bouquets

All-Blush Peonies

Fanny Bouquet

All blooms are made to order and may not match the picture exactly.

All prices in Singapore Dollars.

ORDER DEADLINE: 3rd Feb 2021


Delivery within Singapore only.

Choose your preferred delivery dates (please allow at least 1 week's production time):

1st Feb, Monday

5th Feb, Friday

10th Feb, Wednesday (last day for delivery)

Since the CNY plus VDay weekend will be packed and chaotic for all couriers, MP&B always prefers to have flowers delivered in advance!

Items will be couriered for a +$10 flat fee and payment can be made after collection via Paynow/ Paylah/ i-banking.

Packaging is kept simple to save on costs and help the environment! Recyclable or recycled packing materials are used as much as possible.


Single Stem (6 orchids): $120

Spotted (NEW), Magenta or White

Double Stem (12 orchids): $200

Magenta only

*Limited Quantities*


Lasting orchids for a touch of elegance in your home.

Each orchid petal is laminated, cut, sculpted and glued on by hand. Colour details are brushed on using soft pastels.

Pots are wrapped with pink paper and ribbon for a festive feel.

Want to change up the look of your orchid? Easy! Stalks are bendable and can be adjusted to your linking.


Small orchid blooms: 7.5cm across

Large orchid blooms: 8.5cm across

Entire stalk, with pot,: 45-49cm tall, adjustable

Single Stem: potted in IKEA's Forenlig pot (lightweight plastic)

Double Stem: potted in IKEA's Chiafron pot (stoneware)

Orchid Stalk is secured with floral foam and brown paper strips.

Treated with glossy UV Protection Spray.




Festive Reds or All-blush


A trio of big, bold, fluffy Coral Charm Peonies.

Each peony boasts more than 30 petals. Every petal is cut, sculpted and glued on by hand. Leaves are coloured with soft pastels.


Peony flowerhead: 14cm across

Stalks: 20-29cm long (bendable)


Comes wrapped as a bouquet.

Add a vase (with gold holder) for +$12.

Treated with UV Protection Spray.





A brand new arrangement that features roses front and center, combined with Anthuriums, Orchids and Ranunculus blooms. Sweet and innocent, perfect for your Valentine!


Measures 28cm across, 29cm tall (with stalks)


Comes wrapped as a bouquet. Bouquet stalk is wrapped with ribbon to prevent scratches from florist wire.

Add a pumpkin vase or gold metallic gradient vase for +$15.

Treated with UV Protection Spray.



Single Stalk: $50

3 Stalks: $150

Vintage Blush, Romantic Reds or Dusty Blue


Can't go wrong with roses on Valentine's Day! 3 Roses to say "I love you", or a single stalk for a simple gift.

The blush and red roses are made from a blend of 2 different crepe paper shades. Leaves are coloured with soft pastels.


Flowerhead: 9cm across

Stalks: 20-26cm long


Comes wrapped as a bouquet.

Add a test tube vase + gold holder for +$12 or pumpkin vase for +$15.

Treated with UV Protection Spray.



$250 (Only 2 available)


Over 200 painted petals, laminated, cut, sculpted and glued by hand to create 3 adorable domes.


Individual Dome: 10cm across

Measures 30cm tall (with pot).


Potted in a IKEA Forenlig Plant Pot, made from lightweight recycled plastic.


Hydrangea Stalks are secured with floral foam and brown paper strips.

Hydrangea pot will be wrapped with paper and ribbon.

Treated with UV Protection Spray.


Looking for more options? Check out my regular offerings, including vibrant ombre roses and cute cone bouquets - great for gifting your friends for Galentine's Day! Also, MP&B's popular Enchanted Rose in a petite glass dome.

Single Stalks  / Potted Blooms  / Arrangements


Here at MP&B, we’re all about paper flowers, but we do care about the environment and aim to reduce waste, hence we keep packaging simple and minimal.
All bouquets will be wrapped in simple kraft/ translucent white paper and tied with ribbon. For delivery, flowers be packaged in a simple paper bag.



All of MP&B's crepe paper blooms are handmade with love. To ensure that their colours and shape last long, please keep them indoors. All items will be treated with UV Protection Spray. However, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or contact with moisture may still cause colours to fade. The petal structure may "soften" over time as well, but this is natural and should not affect the overall look. In case of any blooms damaged in transit, I'll be happy to replace the blooms for you.