Lasting blooms for the new year!
A curated collection of modern arrangements and bouquets to welcome spring - with each bloom meticulously handcrafted with love.

Potted Orchids

Tall, vibrant orchids that exude elegance. Available in 2 colours in gold pots.

"Bomb" Peonies

Fluffy, luscious peonies for festive vibes. Available as single stalks in 2 colours.

Magnolias + Kumquats

Lovely magnolia blooms accompanied by adorable kumquat branches. Available as petite arrangements.


These items are available for pre-order via this ORDER FORM or by emailing

Please place orders early to ensure timely delivery!

Order Cut-off date: 22/1/2019

Collection Period: 23/1/2019 to 31/1/2019

*please allow at least 5 days production time from date of order



The order can be delivered via a local courier service for an additional delivery fee of $15 depending on the total order. Feel free to let me know your preferred delivery date.


You can also opt for self-collection at Beauty World MRT Station or a mutually agreed location, feel free to let me know your preferred collection date and time.


An invoice will be issued once the order is confirmed with the calculated delivery fee. Payment can be made in person during collection, paynow/paylah, or via electronic transfer after collection.

CNY "Bomb" Peonies


As their name suggests, bomb peonies stand out for their chubby round bloom centers. Each peony is made with layers upon layers of fluffy inner petals that cumulate into one luscious, lively bloom.

You may choose from 3, 5 or 7 peony stalks in your preferred mix of colours. Each bloom measures approx 13cm wide and every stalk comes with accompanying leaves.


No vase will be included, peonies will be wrapped in kraft paper as a simple bouquet.

Colours Available: Ruby Red, Sorbet Pink

Pictured: 7 Peonies (5 in Ruby Red, 2 in Sorbet Pink)

$84 for 3 stalks ($28 per stalk)
$135 for 5 stalks ($27 per stalk)

$175 for 7 stalks ($25 per stalk)




CNY Potted Orchids

Tall and elegant orchid blooms to usher in an auspicious new year. Specially crafted as double stems - for double the fortune and happiness!


Each pot comes with 2 stalks - a tall stalk with 5 orchids and 3 buds + a short stalk with 3 orchids and 3 buds. Colours can be customized (e.g. all pink, all white, or a mix or pink and white).

All orchids come in a gold pot (sourced from Ikea) measuring 10.5cm tall. Floral foam is used to hold the orchid stalk in place. Each orchid bloom is approx 8cm wide.

Orchid stalks are flexible and can be bent to your liking. Tallest stalk is approx 50cm tall.

Pictured: Mix of pink and white orchids in a single pot


$80 for 1 pot




Magnolias and Kumquats Petite Arrangements

*Limited Stock*
These petite magnolia + kumquat arrangements are a cheerful ode to Spring. Handmade from premium Italian crepe, these blooms make lasting floral additions to your home.

1 arrangement comes with 1 Magnolia Stalk (with 2 blooms, 1 bud and leaves), 1 Kumquat Stalk (4 Kumquats and leaves), and a small vase.


Magnolia and Kumquat stalks can be bent and rearranged to your liking. No floral foam was used. Vases are sourced from Ikea. Each vase measures 10cm high.


Choose from:
Single arrangement (in pink round vase): $56
Single arrangement (in grey triangular vase): $56
Set of 2 (1 pink + 1 grey): $100





All of MP&B's crepe paper blooms are handmade with love. To ensure that their colours and shape last long, please keep them indoors. All items will be treated with UV Protection Spray. However, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or contact with moisture may still cause colours to fade. The petal structure may "soften" over time as well, but this is natural and should not affect the overall look. In case of any blooms damaged in transit, I'll be happy to replace the blooms for you.


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